Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tenryu Japanese Dining & Teahouse @ Block 17, Dairy Farm Estate [Enter from North Gate]

Dairy Farm Estate belongs to those condominiums built in the 1980s that had retail outlets within their compound for the residents' convenience and although i have been to a few in Singapore, i have never once stepped foot into Dairy Farm until a fortnight ago.

The reason for my visit was straightforward; thanks to a Facebook friend, i was aware of a Japanese restaurant in Dairy Farm Estate and i had been craving for Nippon cuisine since i returned from Bangkok! 

Of course, with a ton of Japanese restaurants in Singapore, why Tenryu? Simply because i was drawn by its mission to "provide premium japanese food at non-premium pricing to make daily Japanese meals possible". Basically, i am a sucker for economical meals. 

Sashimi - Assorted 3 Kinds
From a person who used to dislike sashimi, i must say i have taken quite a liking, especially towards sake sashimi! The assorted 3 kinds were purely relied on the chef's perception on the top 3 freshest sashimi for the day and even though they were as fresh as perceived, they didn't leave a lasting impression; at least not along the line of those i had back in Bangkok

California Maki
In a Japanese restaurant with Alex, i would make sure i have an order of salmon sashimi while Alex would insist on having a serving of California maki.

Size of each piece was on the modest side. The taste was alright; creamy albeit on the saltier side given the generous sprinkling of tobiko (flying fish roe).

Tenryu Maki
I didn't have the heart to tell Alex the aburi salmon was partially raw since he would have vehemently rejected my suggestion! Whatever the case, both of us were happy with the tenryu maki! 

The aroma and taste of lightly torched salmon, coupled with the secret tenryu sauce that was kind of balancing between sweet and tangy, were unusually good. There's only one problem; the excessive use of fish flakes! 

Tori Teriyaki Set
To be totally honest, i would have gone for the chicken teriyaki set at Kazan Japanese Cuisine if i have not seen the post by my friend and it's only fair for me to order the same kind of food at Tenryu despite the fact that many people have strongly recommended the chirashi don.

On the chicken, the meat was succulent, juicy yet without the crispiness i absolutely loved from the one at Kazan; sauce was also more salty than sweet. Strangely, it was more similar to the chicken skewer stick at Tori Q.

There was an item that stood out from the normalcy of this; the appetiser and by that, i am referring specifically to the crab sticks with seemingly the sauce used for the tenryu maki.

Avocado Juice
This was the highlight for our meal as it was totally unexpected for us to order a glass of avocado juice in a Japanese restaurant! Creamy, milky set in a nice pandan-ish flavour - this was the ultimate nectar filled with vitamins c and e goodness without the sinful chocolate sauce / gula melaka. 


17 Dairy Farm Road,
#B1-06, Dairy Farm Estate

As above (red star)

For Motorist
Parking is available within the condominium. There are three main entrances that are not connected and for your ease of reference, please enter from North Gate along Dairy Farm Crescent. 


For Reservation
Call 6464-8894

As above

Sashimi - Assorted 3 Kinds
California Maki
Tenryu Maki
Tori Teriyaki Set
Avocado Juice
Green Tea - FOC 
[NO GST, NO Service Charge]

Additional Information
There's a resident-only daily special for a good, valuable meal below S$10! There's a way for a non-resident to take advantage of the promotion; just like their facebook page!

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