Sunday, June 08, 2014

Woodshed - The Homely Cafe @ 204 Rangoon Road [Singapore]

Our visit to Woodshed was purely coincidental - the Gang of Four + Wright were googling for a cafe to chill out after yet again another satisfying meal at Cheng Mun Chee Kee when Kon found one in the vicinity that was barely four months old! 

The brand name of a cafe can evoke imagination of what to expect of its ambience and i am glad i didn't step into a warehouse-like facility with piles after piles of wood shavings! 

Except for the shopfront, the seating area wasn't as exquisitely designed as many cafes i have been to yet i could not help feeling extremely comfortable and cosy while i was there. Maybe it is the high ceiling, maybe it is the spaciousness, maybe it is the way that furniture are routinely mixed and matched like most homes. 

Whichever the reason, our intention to source for a chill-out place was met. Now's my review for Woodshed's culinary offerings. p.s. please don't ask why we were still able to stomach so much after a full dinner! 

I am sick of paying over S$5 for a pot of tea that i can easily prepare at home! Hence, when Jerrel, one of the three owners, suggested the weird sounding Tomatino and Azteca D'oro from Gryphon Tea Company, we grabbed it! The flavours were really unique and not as strange as expected! For more information, click here and here

Lemon Tart
Had to take the photograph from the cake counter as the original pictures didn't turn out well. In a nutshell, i wasn't impressed with the overly sour taste of this lemon tart; shouldn't cakes, as with all desserts, be sweet? In addition, i thought the base had a slight 'siap-siap' aftertaste. 

Original Waffles
This original waffle with ice cream was as basic as it should be and brought back sweet memory of the first time i had waffles with ice cream at A&W. However, there was a huge gap in texture; the ones from Woodshed didn't have that crispiness i personally preferred. It was mentioned in a newspaper article that orange was added to the batter even though the author had also included the word "subtle". True to the comment, I could not taste the supposed zestiness.

Sweet Waffles

Basically, this means added with chocolate and maple syrup; texture wise, no difference from what i mentioned above for its original sibling. The scoop of vanilla ice cream didn't impress as well; guess we have been accustomed with having one that has an intense vanilla bean extract.

Other than the two unfavourable feedbacks, the overall taste for this sweet waffle was still pretty alright; not the best but definitely not one of those below average ones. 


Despite the misgivings i had with the desserts, i would likely revisit because i really like the ambience. The owners, Jerrel especially, were also open to feedback and this would likely result in improvements in the near future. 

Future consideration for desserts would include a slice of the opulent velvet cake and also, the pretty looking rainbow cake in a jar! 

Even though I might have given up on the multi-coloured layered cake, i could not help giving a second glance whenever i see them on display! 

204 Rangoon Road
[Near Farrer Park MRT Station 
and two doors away from Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh]

As above


As above

Additional Information
Waffles promotion - original waffle + hot drink at only S$13.90! 


  1. Same here. I do feel that improvements need to be work on the waffle!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Nice blog you have; guess i need to revisit the cafe for their all-day breakfast! :)

  2. Hi is the mini layer cake is halal?

    1. Hi! Not sure but the cafe is no longer around.


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