Thursday, June 05, 2014

Louise Teo's Birthday 2014

I was supposed to continue blogging on my Taiwan trip but the large number of pictures is making me think twice as i have been deprived of sleep these few days! 

Thankfully, this is my own blog and it's always good to have a personal element. So, i am going to bring to you yet again another birthday celebration! This time, it is my younger sister, Louise Teo! 

For those who could not get enough of Jovyn, you would know by now that postings under the "family" label would likely have more photographs of the bulldog-cheek baby. She is coming to three and has started to help out with sticking the birthday candles into the cake.

No easy chore for a young kid with fingers that could barely do her bidding and you could see from her face she was totally shagged out! The nursery class she has been attending must have taught her the virtue of working hard; I seldom see her so concentrated in doing something for an extended period of time! 

Let the celebration begin! As children, they love birthdays and i bet you can find more than fifty videos, just on birthday celebrations, in my sister's phone; she recorded it EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The cheeks have shrunk a bit... 
It's time for more training! 

Sorry if it seems like this is an only-Jovyn post. My best wishes of course go to my younger sister, the birthday girl; despite our differences sometimes, please be healthy, stay slim and find a boyfriend who dotes on you! 

Happy Birthday!

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