Thursday, June 19, 2014

Four Seasons Ching Teng (四季清汤) @ Clementi Central Hawker Centre [Singapore]

A human's perception works in very mysterious ways. 

While most hawker stalls try to increase their variety in order to capture a bigger market, there are the minority few who prefer to stick to only a few dishes; sometimes with just one item on the menu. 

And when that happens, i would often assume the food served must be good or else there's little hope it would survive in Singapore's highly competitive food industry. I was wrong once and it happened to be at a cheng teng stall in ABC market. So this time at Four Seasons Ching Teng, i am a little less optimistic.

To have the soup served in a plastic container has the tendency to increase my pessimism even more. All expectations took a drastic change when i drank a spoonful; damn, this was surprisingly delightful and would pacify critics of Ye Lai Xiang who have always complained that it is way too sweet! 

I personally thought that just on taste alone, this light cheng teng rich with ingredients like candied winter melon, strips of dried persimmons, bits of candied lotus roots etc (said to consist of ten ingredients) could easily take over the place of the second best no name cheng teng stall in Bedok


Block 448, Clementi Food Centre, 
Clementi Ave 3, Stall No # 01-42

S$2 a bowl (hot or cold)

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