Friday, June 13, 2014

A New Toy in the House - iPad Mini!

Today's not a good day for me to continue blogging about my Taiwan trip (which isn't a bad thing given that some of you might have gotten sick from the never-ending postings on Taiwan; which by the way had yet to reach day five).

Anyway, it's not a good day because i have just received a parcel! I am surprised by the speed of this delivery; the order was made online only on Tuesday and a delivery had already been attempted on Thursday when no one was at home! 

Unveiling my belated birthday present; yes, my very own iPad mini! 

To be totally honest, i have no idea why i need to have one when i am equally satisfied with my 4-inch iPhone! As quoted by some of my friends who own an iPad mini, "once you get your hands on one, i bet you are going to love it"! 

At the present moment, i am only delighted by the engraving on the back of the iPad mini; simple enough for people to know who to contact if by any chance i misplace my new toy.

Now's also the time to check out the accessories i purchased BEFORE i clicked the "order" button on Apple Store. For one, i do hope the bluetooth keyboard works; i shall depend on it the next time i write minutes! 

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