Monday, October 28, 2013

Tioman Island Marine Park (Tetek) - Full Day Snorkeling Trip Part 3

My mom always says it's not good to swim with a full stomach - despite knowing this; it didn't stop me from jumping into the inviting water when the speedboat brought us to the third snorkeling site after lunch! 

At least i didn't attempt to do what the guys did above; they dived directly from the jetty whereas i slowly climbed down to where the steps met the water and plunged with a less dramatic splash. 

Some background information of the marine park - it is located close to Tetek Village, the main gateway (as far as air travel is concerned) of Tioman Island and unlike most places on the island, it has retaining walls erected on some sections of the sandy beach.

Before i start with the underwater world, maybe i should just pre-warned you about the definition of marine park; it doesn't necessarily mean you are in a natural enclave where fishes swim without a care for the world and corals thrive like cockroaches. 

Water visibility was clear for close to three, four meters but i didn't get to see much corals. In fact, there were artificial reefs installed on the seabed that would take a long while before you get to see colours other than grey.

Strangely, the lack of corals didn't appear to affect the quantity of fishes as the marine park was simply teeming with them! And i am not even referring to those smaller, common yellow-black striped ones!

See!!!! I didn't even remember having so many fishes of such size surrounding me in other snorkeling sites! Hm...... highly suspicious... were those yellow-tipped fishes specially caged up in the marine park? 

Whatever the case, the danger of stepping onto a coral and risk injuring yourself (and the coral) was basically non-existent. 

And that's when people started relaxing and treated the marine park more like a humongous swimming pool!

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