Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Ramly Burger in Tioman Island - Paya Cafe Corner [Kampong Paya]

Food is of utmost importance whenever i take an overseas trip. Unless it is unavoidable as in the case of tour groups, i would vehemently search for local delicacies online and try my best to look for them when i am in the country.

In my quest for good food at Kampong Paya in Tioman (where my accommodation was located), one item frequently popped up in the search engine; ramly burger! 

There wasn't indication of any shop name and there were two of them in Kampong Paya! I didn't have sufficient time (not to mention burgers are also highly fattening) to patronise both and hence, took a bet with Paya Cafe Corner. 

Maggi Soup
Put simply, it was the normal soup-based instant noodles added with more ingredients like chicken meat. Nothing spectacular but as with most instant noodles, this was still satisfying! 

Ramly Beef Special
As Ramly burger originates from Malaysia, i can vividly remember my first bite twenty two years ago when my family went to Johor for a day trip. The buns were soft, the patty had a unique flavour that tasted superbly good and for a person who could not stand spiciness then, the chilli sauce was a perfect companion of the mayonnaise cream!

Sadly, there is none of the flavours from the past and i initially thought it was limited to only Singapore. How i hope the buns had a more buttery kick and that the patty was topped with a sunny side up, just like when i first had it! Nonetheless, this was easily one of the better ramly burgers i had in ages! 


From Paya jetty, turn left and walk around twenty meters where the Paya Cafe Corner is to your right.

Maggi Soup - RM 4.00
Ramly Beef Special - RM 4.50

As above.


  1. I believe that this is better than the ones in SG?

    1. Definitely although i have never really been actively searching for the good ones in Singapore. :P


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