Friday, October 11, 2013

Oyster Omelette (No Brand and not the Famous One) - @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

Judging from the lack of queue outside the stall in the above picture, the normal me would think twice before attempting to make an order. 

Wait a moment! 
In the mind of many, normal is a term that hardly describes me. 

Not that i am psychologically unbalanced but there are just way too many things i can crave for when placed in a hawker centre where photographs of mouth-watering dishes on the signboards beckon and the delicious blend of aroma tickles the fickle foodie's heart.

Craving of that day: Oyster Omelette.

Occasionally mistaken as fried oyster, the omelette version lacks the gooey starch that would be a real killer for those on carbohydrate-free diet and features a more solid texture. 

I personally prefer oyster omelette even though there were many times when the freshness of oysters was too subtle, rending the dish to be merely a slight notch higher than the tze-char style fu rong egg. That's exactly the same feeling i iad with the above oyster omelette.

By the way, i belong to the group of weirdos who love fried oyster (also known as or-jian) and oyster omelette yet find the oyster meat downright disgusting to the taste buds!

I know, it's so wasteful! 


Block 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1
(Alexandra Village Hawker Centre)

As above

Minimum S$5

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