Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mr Avocado Exotic Fruit Juice - One Word: Yummilicious @ Alexandra Village Hawker Centre [Opposite Queensway Shopping Centre]

Avocado is known for so many health benefits; it has often been touted as the world's healthiest food. Sadly, it is also said to be relatively unpalatable and hence, doesn't appear to be used much as an ingredient for many cuisines. 

But mention avocado juice to those who have visited Indonesia and you could likely derive from their faces that they must have really enjoyed the Es Apokat! Actually right here in Singapore, there is a hawker centre well known for serving the yummy drink. 

Alexandra Village food centre - honestly, i had tried the avocado juice but i left disappointed as it was simply not comparable to what i had in Bintan island. Thinking back, it was rather an unfair judgment as there were so many stalls and i might have ordered from possibly the worst of the lot.

This time, i walked two rounds before deciding on Mr Avocado. I didn't attempt to check online although i must say the display of accolades and awards probably sealed the deal. 

Boy was i pleased with this avocado juice from Mr Avocado! The consistency was thick, smooth and creamy without that disgusting tartness i experienced previously. That nutty freshness of the fruit coupled with that delicious sweetness brought a satisfying smile to my face!

Picky Alex took a huge gulp from my glass, finishing half, and immediately ordered a second one all for himself. Bloody asshole!


Block 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1,
#01-19 (Alexandra Village Hawker Centre)

As above

Avocado Juice -S$2.50

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  1. Wow... avocado drink my favourite too.


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