Monday, October 07, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights - Imagination Using The Setup in the Day Time @ Universal Studios Singapore

For a person who revels in the exciting world of the great unknown, i have never been thrilled with the many nightly activities for Halloween. Why?

Because they are popularly held at a time when the lighting is not favourable for photographs; at least not for an amateurish photographer like myself!

In order to take a piece of that bloody horror action, i can only seek solace in the props set up on the grounds of Universal Studios Singapore, and use my vivid imagination. 

Let's begin with some adrenaline-charged activity; attack of the vampires!!! 

Not to worry; the bright sunlight would deter any vampire from making any violent move towards fun-loving visitors. I can't say the same when night falls.

Those blood thirsty vampires would likely lurk behind these tombstones at night and get ready to pounce on suspecting victims! The miscreants' satisfaction can only be achieved by bloodcurdling screams hitting at least a hundred decibels!

As a family oriented theme park, i am unsure on the suitability for young children to be exposed to the scary Halloween props. Instead of nice memory, the kid could probably have nightmares!

I am alright though; personally, i would have enjoyed the idea of a haunted theme park! Sigh, it is such a pity that not many people share the same sentiment....

A crying statue of Claudia Dunst! Would you want to bet that there would definitely be a person dressed like her roaming the theme park at night? 

Next up; the 366th Convention of Curses at the aptly located Ancient Egypt zone! 

As the gloomy gathering for all evil witches and cunning sorcerers, you might be able to get your hands on the badly needed love potion or that sinister voodoo doll to inflict unbearable physical pain on your nemesis! 

Maybe there would be someone who can foretell your fortunes for the next few years. Regardless of the advice, do take it with a pinch of salt! I, for one, hate to have my fortunes read.

Rituals would likely be conducted to help powerless humans get what they want. 

Sacrifices might be required. Always remember that life is fair; you want something, you have to exchange it with another thing of an equal value. 

Question is - are you sure you have gotten a better deal? 

Songs of Death where the maiden of opera continued to chill your spine with her voice while recollecting the bloody massacre that destroyed her entire troupe.

House No 13 - the haunted house that could bear similar paranormal activities to infamous dwellings like the Amityville. There was even a haunted forest! 

There appeared to be no other prop for Halloween beyond the Lost World. I thought it was quite appropriate as the Far Far Away zone is and should remain as the cute fairy tale world in the innocent eyes of children.

Now is the piece of news to excite everyone! There would be a new attraction at the Far Far Away Zone; rumour is that it would be based on the highly skilled Kung Fu Panda! Keep all ten fingers crossed!!

And let's pray and hope that the Battlestar Galattica rollercoasters would be up and running before my annual pass expires! 


On a more serious tone, are you prepared to be tormented and frightened out of your wits by the evil spirits still lingering on mother gaia for the 3rd Halloween Horror Nights? Check out the following website for more information;

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