Sunday, October 06, 2013

Enchanted Airways @ Universal Studios Singapore [USS]

Now that Battlestar Galattica is down once again for an indefinite period of time, i guess it's time to re-focus our attention on another roller-coaster ride; the Enchanted Airways.

Before we board the vessel, it's necessary to purchase tickets from the booth where our beloved gingerbread man has found a new job as the ticketing officer! 

Tsk tsk tsk - such decadent lifestyle!

Several destinations were identified but as you could see from the board, we would be flying to Shrek's Swamp! Not that it matters since it was a permanent destination for everyone lining up to take the flight.

That's sad as i am as interested to pay a visit to places like the Cyclops Caverns! For all you know, there would be a new attraction exploring these unknown yet fascinating tourist spots.

Unlike human flights, fluids like magic potions are allowed on board! But, unicorns?!?! How are you even able to squeeze them into the overhead compartments?! 

You know what's the best thing? There wasn't even any compartment above my head!!

Bet i don't need to tell everyone that the vessel in question would be none other than the majestic Dragon, also known as the romantic interest of Donkey, the talkative sidekick of Shrek! 

How the union manages to create such adorable hybrids elude me! 

Reaching an elevation of thirteen meters, this three hundred and fifty meters track took around sixty six seconds to make one round. Back to the same spot; not to Shrek's Swamp!

The ride was exciting although definitely not on the same level as Battlestar Galattica, Transformers 4D or even the Mummy ride. The best comparison would be the rollercoaster ride in Genting Highland outdoor theme park. 

Other pictures for your reference. 

As the speed averages around forty six kilometers an hour, many riders would not have noticed the many artifacts along the ride. For example, the disturbing fact that it was merely a day since the last air crash! 

Maybe it was a matter of incorrect manpower assignment; the big bad wolf was the air traffic controller!

That brick tower was known as the cheese tower, residence of the three blind mice. As with any fairy tale, it's a mystery why they chose to live in a tower where there would be a greater risk to fall to their death. 

Our beloved three little pigs who were still working to build their houses. Guess the older two never learn their lesson from the little brother. 

By the way, i am still anticipating the grand arrival of the all new A380 air coach from the Enchanted Airways. It has already been quite a few years since the announcement. 


Far Far Away Zone 
Universal Studios Singapore

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