Saturday, October 05, 2013

Celebrity Cafe & Bakery - Plain Waffle with Ice Cream @ Universal Studios Singapore [USS]

The weather was hot, the legs were sore, the mind was sleepy, and the mouth was itchy. So would you like to guess what i did when this signage stopped me on my way out of Universal Studios Singapore?

No prize for the correct answer as it was common knowledge that i would step in for a better look! 

There were many pastries to choose from although i wonder what was its link to the 'celebrity' label. The only celebrities i can relate to were the cupcakes with the bright images of Sesame Street's characters.

Nevertheless, it was the plain waffle with ice cream that caught my attention! Oh, the combo came with a free cup of coffee / tea too! 

Imprinted with the faces of Cookie Monster and Elmo, the two pieces of waffles would definitely delight the fans of Sesame Street. Not i though since my parents are Mandarin-speaking and Chinese programmes were a perpetual mainstay at home.

When it comes to waffles, i am extremely particular with the syrup. It must be maple syrup and not honey, especially those that left a bad aftertaste. Which was sadly the case with this syrup from Celebrity Cafe. 

Waffles wise; i am afraid they were more pancakes rather than waffles, without the fluffiness that would have greatly improved the dish. Thank god for the store-made vanilla ice cream which helped tremendously in my objective to clean up the plate! Cannot waste money mah. 


Would i be back? I would if i am tired from taking the rides in the theme park and would like to do some people-watching! 

Within Hollywood zone

S$7.80 nett as above.

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