Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bread Yard - Sandwiches and All-Day Breakfast @ Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Without the Lau sisters, i am sure it would be a while before i would get to know the existence of the above hidden gem located within SUTD; Singapore's fourth autonomous university.

Bread Yard, as the name suggests, is kind of like your home's backyard. The creators have no interest in creating "atas" bread limited to the privileged few and instead, take joy in baking good quality, homemade bread for the masses. 

According to a leaflet i got from the store, their breads are baked in claypots to simulate baking in a wood-fire oven and no preservative is used! Which means their expiry date is super short at only three days from purchase. 

Nevertheless, my main purpose that day was not to buy bread but to try their all-day breakfast! I am not sure if i have mentioned this before but i am the kind of person who would totally love to have buttered toasts, eggs and sausages for dinner! 

Before i began, let me share with you the items that my colleagues ordered. One was a sandwich and the other was eggs bettino; both of which were relished with great pleasure! 

Big Boy's All-Day Bread-First
The humongous (and no doubt mouth-watering) presentation said so much of the appropriateness for big boys like myself; one jumbo chicken sausage, one slice of their home-made bread, two sunny side ups, a slice of ham, two pieces of turkey bacon and a serving of healthy greenies! 

Everything was simply delicious; from the juicy sausage, the tender bacon (they were not as rock-hard as they appeared to be) to the delicious handmade bread! 

I do have a negative feedback though; couldn't they just add on an additional slice of bread to the big boy's?! Two slices are the industry norm and i enjoyed the bread so much; i eventually have to resort to buying one entire loaf! 

By the way, I topped up S$2 for an average bowl of asparagus soup and a flavourful cup of ice tea. Maybe i should also add that you are allowed to choose your slice of bread from a range of selections available that day (i got to know this only after i cleaned up my plate). :(


20, Dover Drive,
Block 4, SUTD
[the old ITE headquarters]

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday ONLY
From 8am to 6pm

Big Boy's Breakfast - S$9.90
[No GST and no Service Charge]

As above. Please be aware that given the location in a school, students and staff from SUTD would be priced at a more economical rate. 

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