Saturday, April 27, 2013

Food Stuck In Between Teeth? Time to Visit a Dentist When You Detect a Foul Smell!

I am super particular with oral hygiene, thanks to my national service vocation as a dental assistant, and can sadly detect morning breath of others from a distance away. I am therefore extremely disciplined when it comes to brushing my teeth twice a day and the mandatory flossing at night! 

In the past few months, i persistently noticed food stuck in between the first and second molar of my upper right jaw (known dentally as 16 and 17 respectively) and a foul smell whenever i flossed. 

Gut feeling told me there would be a problem.
Time to visit my friend at The Dental Practice

Sigh..... The x-ray accurately pinpointed a dark shadow on 17. The tooth, already compromised with a big amalgam filling, was found to have a big decay that required immediate attention! =(

Thankfully, the decay has yet to reach the nerve and i was spared the agony of having to go through root canal treatment and the subsequent crowning (which would cost me a bomb)! 

A simple composite filling (with some miracle steroid cream) managed to do the job perfectly but i was strongly cautioned against eating nuts. Not that i have an allergy but chewing nuts might crack my tooth apart. 

By then, it would not be just a simple filling. 


Dr Edwin Oh has opened a new branch at Singapore Post Centre (Paya Lebar). To make an appointment, please call 6748-8678

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