Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Badly Placed Urinal @ Turf City

As a man, i guess i would never have noticed anything amiss with the above photograph. But for a woman like Saneva, the effect was immediately felt; one of shock and disgust.

It was the urinal that attracted her attention - okay, it was more than that; a man was pissing and she can see the whole action in progress! You cannot blame me for missing that since visiting the man's room is a common, daily activity for any ambulant man! 

And with no thanks to Vanessa, I caught the man (who was already out of the toilet when i took the pictures) shaking his junk, putting it in his pants and zipping up before leaving! 

This picture was shot at the same spot where the urinal was stationed. It's amazing no lady has complained about this! Maybe it is some sort of free entertainment for them! 

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