Sunday, March 17, 2013

Parking at the Bus Stop Bay - Another Inconsiderate Act!

The infamous video of a private car that refused to give way to an ambulance on the expressway has fuelled anger from many online netizens. 

Such inconsiderate incidents on the roads are often seen and i am going to share one that i personally encountered a few weeks ago; at a bus stop.

I took the free shuttle bus from RWS to Vivocity after yet another visit to Universal Studios Singapore and although traffic was smooth, the bus could not drive into its designated RWS bus stop to let us alight due to the selfish action of one motorist; driver of SGL4201P.

The car was parked with its hazard lights on and there was absolutely no one in the car! I can understand the urgency (hey, i am really being sympathetic here) but for goodness sake; stop your car outside, and not inside the bus stop!

Frankly, this kind of driver must be penalised and i know for sure that under Singapore's Road Traffic Act, it is illegal to park within 9 meters of a bus stop ["park" is defined as bringing "a motor vehicle or a trailer to a stationary position and cause it to wait for any purpose other than that of immediately taking up or setting down persons, goods or luggage"]!

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