Monday, March 25, 2013

Penang Fried Kueh Teow @ Kedai Minuman Dan Makanan Tai Soon [Johore Bahru]

It was a day excursion to Johore Bahru with my family last week and my brother in law, knowing we are noobs when it comes to dining in a foreign country, drove us to a local coffee shop that supposedly serves pretty good breakfast. 

The place was crowded with at least eight different stalls for you to choose from!!! Frankly, for a kopitiam that operates only in the morning with that many stalls, they should seriously consider an expansion to add in more tables and chairs. 

Their breakfast offerings included items usually found in the afternoon back in Singapore; one of which is the Penang fried kuah teow (there were others like mixed vegetables rice, roast pork, chicken rice etc).

At RM 5 (normal serving is RM 4), i was impressed with the intensive infusion of the wok-hei. Unfortunately, the lack of a flavourful sourness, signature of Penang char kway teow, means that i am unlikely to be a return customer of this particular stall. 

I might just go back for the freshly fried doughsticks and butterfly buns though! If only they sell cold soya milk for me to dip the hot youtiao. 


Unknown although i am aware this is near to the popular Taman Seri Tebrau (da ma hua yuan or 大马花园). The Goodyear Autocare is opposite the kopitiam and next to Taman Seri Tebrau.

For added navigation, you may wish to note that the above picture (with KSL shopping mall as its backdrop) is taken right outside the kopitiam. 

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