Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles [華記大蝦麵] - The Ex-President's Favourite @ @ Pek Kio Market and Food Centre

Ex-President Nathan is known to be a frequent patron of this prawn noodles stall located quite near to his previous official residence at the Istana. However, this has no link to the rude attitude of the lady taking the order.

Her rudeness was legendary and this pre-dates to the period before Nathan took up the very important position of Singapore's head of state and official rubber stamper. 

The elder sister volunteered to queue and order a bowl of prawn noodles [note: some soup was already siphoned off in the picture] for me and i am extremely grateful! It is so sucky to have someone scolding you early in the morning! 

And knowing the sister, she is no pusher herself. 

Compared to the one from Lavender Food Centre, the prawn stock was extremely flavourful with a dash of spiciness (sister added in chilli powder for me) and it was no doubt the delicious broth had fully absorbed the prawn essence! 

I am split on which one i prefer. The sweeter broth from Lavender was nicer yet i absolutely could not stop myself from thinking about the pork lards floating on the soup!

BUT i dislike rude service.


41A, Cambridge Road, Stall #01-15
Pek Kio Market and Food Centre

As above

S$5 for my bowl of prawn noodles


  1. Wendy2:55 AM

    Auntie is a bit grouchy lady but I personally feel that she provides a good service . She automatically & patiently pack the noodles & soup separately when u request for take-away. Thumbs up for that.. Imagine working straight for 10 hours , I guess anyone will be as grouchy (furthermore she's old). I once went ard 3pm & the stall was closed . I asked uncle about the operating hours & uncle handed his namecard. He reminded me to make a phone call to check if i going over. I praised him for his prawn mee & uncle was extremly happy . He began chatting away . He sounded like a very down-to-earth person . U might want to try his $10 prawn mee (it's sea-prawn) : ) & lastly keep cool! (Auntie don't bite :p)

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Thank you for your comment!

    I do agree with you to a certain extent (we can always agree to disagree! hehe).

    Many hawkers man their stalls for a stretch that could sometimes be more than 12 hours but i don't see them being consistently grouchy and rude.


  3. Give her a 2nd chance or prob a 3rd . (Btw, they are not my relative :p ) & try the Chee cheong fun opposite, it's good .

    Cheers !


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