Thursday, January 17, 2013

Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 - Spectacular View of Singapore [even of Johore Bahru] @ Joyce's Office

I am envious of my sister. 

Including all her office colleagues if i could add some more people to my list. The pantry in my ex company was just a tiny room with a big window facing the man's room while the pantry in her company was easily the size of a 4-room flat!

With a view that almost all stressful office workers would die to have [pun not intended]! 

Unlike the central business district view from Singapore Flyer, this is the panoramic stretch that brings you to the far eastern side of Singapore with iconic buildings like the durian-inspired Esplanade and the Singapore Flyer.

Marina Bay Sands (and the lotus hand) with its three towering structures blocked by the Marina Bay Residences.

Half completed Sports Hub - do you know that the new stadium can accommodate a maximum of only 55,000 people? I was expecting a much higher capacity since the lack of space was touted as one of the reasons for tearing down its predecessor! 

Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Barrage! The Supertrees Grove and the two signature domes were disappointingly missing from the pantry but i understand that they could be seen from the working office.

We are damn aware that Singapore is small. However, its smallness was amplified that day when I can see the fuzzy skyline of Johore Bahru (located to the north) from almost the southern end of Singapore! 

I am not too sure how high we were situated at this point. To give you a rough gauge, the tower was 194 meters tall and i was on the 43rd floor. 

Jovyn was a brave kid; she showed no apprehension in planting her face to the glass windows and looking everywhere!! Her useless uncle, as you could properly estimate at this point, was taking this photograph a meter away from the window. 

Such a pity that this picture didn't turn out well!

With such a direct view of the Float@Marina Bay, employees were even given the permission to bring their families on National Day last year to catch the fireworks!

Green-eyed to the max! 


Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
[red star]

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