Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Friar's Good Food [Halal] - Chicken & Chips and Fish & Chips @ Universal Studios Singapore [USS]

With sixteen food establishments (a mix of restaurants and food courts, not counting the food kiosks), there is no way you will starve in Universal Studios Singapore [USS]!

I am hesitant when it comes to dining in food courts as prices for typical local fare are said to be jacked up so high; it would be more worth your money to buy takeaways from Seah Imm hawker centre before you enter the resort island. 

Full service restaurants can also incur quite startlingly high expenses (especially for big families) and that's why i would always keep a lookout for self-service restaurants with fast food operation whenever i dine in USS. 

In my last visit, we opted for Friar's Good Food. For those who are unaware, a friar is "a man who is a member of a religious order in Catholic Christianity"; which means i am totally expecting mundane tasting fare. 

Fish and Chips
Okay, there is nothing mundane about the food; obviously not when i started my review with this deep fried option! Nevertheless, the golden brown shine of the freshly fried crusts looked sinfully delectable and Alex could not wait to tear them apart!

Alex, as the Gang's indisputable Fish N Chips guru, didn't quite like it. For me, there was way too much flour even though the taste was pretty decent with the fish retaining the moist smoothness.

Chicken and Chips
One glance at this two-chicken-patties order and i thought i should make the sudden snatch for the visually appealing Fish and Chips. 

The patties were superbly oily; culminating in an overflowing juiciness that was a perfect companion to the marinated meat. I was satisfied with the spices infused meat although it was still not comparable to KFC. 

What i found most appalling was the chunky layer of fats that was excessive even for the standard of a man who has no problem treating pork lard as mere snacks. 


Far Far Away Zone
Universal Studios Singapore
[Look out for the above icon]

Fish N Chips - S$9.80
Chicken N Chips - S$9.80

As above

Additional Information

It's halal! 

Both alfresco and indoor seating are available. The hot weather in Singapore often means you would have to depend on your good luck to get indoor seats. 

S$9.80 for a meal without drink is considered quite expensive for fast food but if it helps, you may wish to note that the restaurant was really generous with their fries (the above were the leftovers of my meal). 

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