Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dim Sum at Restoran Good Friends [好友記] - Genting Highlands Hotel

Dim Sum [点心] is probably the best way to have group breakfast; each tray / basket comprises of mostly bite sized portions to be shared, with many different choices on the menu!

The Gang of Four Gluttons was keen to have dim sum on their most recent overseas trip to Genting Highlands and it sounded far too appropriate for us to spend our last breakfast at this restaurant known as Good Friends.

Without further ado, let's check out the items we had.

Pan-fried Carrot Cake
It's a great pity that they were served cold as the overall taste was not too bad. At the very least, the kitchen staff should have warmed them!

Har Gao [Prawn Dumplings]
Crunchy prawn meat wrapped in a thin-skinned dough, i liked it for its simplicity; the Great Kon added with rolled eyes that it was just infused with sesame oil! 

Siew Mai
Pictures can be deceiving - each piece appeared to have an oily, watery sheen yet i found them to be too dry for my liking.

Egg Yolk Custard Buns
A must order whenever i see this item on the dim sum menu! 

My only advice to Restoran Good Friends is that they should not have used green colouring for the buns; for a person who has a toddler at home, the colour reminded him so much of Jovyn's "accidents" back in Singapore.

You might have to push the bun a bit more into your mouth (yes, it was too thick) before you can reach the hot compartment of delicious savoury sauce! Compared to the ones i have in Singapore, this was too lightly flavoured.

Prawns Chee Cheong Fun
The dark sauce is of utmost importance to chee cheong fun and this was the worst i ever have; it might be easier and more convenient for me to use the bottle of light soya sauce on my table instead.

Soup Dumpling
I was expecting a bowl of clear soup with a fully submerged giant dumpling filled with treasures like mushrooms, Chinese chestnuts, prawns and strings of likely fake shark's fins when i made this order.

This was totally unexpected despite the bigger than usual dumpling! I do feel cheated because i have ordered soup dumplings in many dim sum restaurants and they don't look like this! To be fair, the soup had a nice robust sweetness although it lacked the intensity signature of authentic soup dumplings.

Lo Mai Kai
Let's discuss the chicken separately; damn juicy with a nicely marinated deliciousness to every piece. The rest were surprisingly too dry and the rice did not even have the nice fragrance that could have given this a higher satisfaction.


Level 2,
Highlands Hotel,
Resort World Genting


Pan-fried Carrot Cake - RM 5.30
Har Gao -  RM 6.30
Siew Mai -  RM 6.30

Egg Yolk Custard Buns -  RM 5.30
Prawns Chee Cheong Fun -  RM 6.30
Soup Dumpling -  RM 9.00
Lo Mai Kai -  RM 5.30
[Subject to Service Charge and Government Tax]

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