Monday, January 28, 2013

Cloud Forest [夜间云雾林] at Night - Gardens by the Bay, Bay South

I was so mesmerized by the "Cloud Forest" conservatory in the morning that i purposely made another trip down on the same day to catch its night time brilliance.

Boy am i glad of my decision! 

For those who hate the sun or thought you have seen it all by visiting Gardens by the Bay in the daytime should visit it when night falls. 

Even the man-made waterfall at Cloud Forest was an entirely different look!

No doubt it was dark but the lack of strong lighting was necessary to portray a fairy-tale like environment where it might not be surprising to find mythical elves dancing around the flowers and gnomes scrambling around your feet. 

This post would have lesser pictures as i have written more about cloud forest in my first post and truthfully, i take really bad photographs at night (shall blame it on shaky hands). 

Once again, the outline of the scary Cloud Walk. There were lesser visitors at night and this would actually make the place less dangerous (less wobbling) for height fearing individuals.

I didn't include this notice in my last post! A step by step trail that most people disregard and then blame the lack of information when they get confused upon reaching level six.

View of the waterfall as taken from level six.

The flight of stairs leading to the Lost World was very wet due to its close proximity to the waterfall and parents should make sure that their kids don't run like mad dogs. For those bringing their elderly parents, please hold on (tightly) to their hands. 

Nothing on Lost World as all the pictures turned out to be too blurred! Let's go ahead with the "Cloud Walk" and the precarious looking walkway with skinny metal support. 

Checking out the night scenery of Singapore. This gave me an idea; maybe i should ask my sister if i could go up to her office at night and take some night shots of Marina Bay. 

"Waterfall View".

"Crystal Mountain" - i wasn't particularly interested as i mentioned before, as nothing beats seeing a humongous cave decked out with natural stalactites and stalagmites.

I didn't include a picture of the "Earth Check" gallery previously; so here goes. 

The supertrees, previously thought to be built purely for beautification, did serve other purposes of an ecological nature; for example, collection of rainwater!

Daytime "Secret Garden" was a bore. 

It's only at night that transformation takes place! The heavy mist complemented by strategically located spotlights created an atmosphere that was both mysterious and magical.

Not sure if anyone remembers, but this secret garden reminded me so much of the demolished "Enchanted Grove of Tembusu" on Sentosa island; albeit a better version.


For detailed information, including ticketing, directions, operating hours, please visit

Additional Information
To save your hard earned money (especially for backpackers); visit in the morning, get a stamp on your arm at the exit for readmission, go elsewhere to eat, shop, play and then return to the cloud forest in the evening.

For my daytime post, please click here.


  1. Sophie10:00 PM

    These pictures are awesome!
    I'll be visiting Singapore in two weeks and came across your blog, it's full of nice pictures & infos! Thank you for the tip about the readmission stamp!!!

    1. No problem, Sophie! I am glad you enjoyed the pictures and found the information useful. Do check out the hawker centres in Singapore too! :)


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