Friday, January 04, 2013

Claypot Seafood Laksa & Claypot Prawn Bee Hoon @ Don's Pie [China Square Central]

I am back at Don's Pie (the term used by my sister) last weekend although once again, i wasn't there specifically for its signature pies. My craving was the claypot crab bee hoon for which my sister has kindly offered to foot the bill! 

Unfortunately, crabs were not in season and they were replaced with prawns; definitely not a perfect substitute even with a 50% reduction in price. A new offering; the claypot seafood laksa appealed more to me!

We ordered both in the end.

Claypot Prawn Bee Hoon
Let's talk about this first; it was almost as good as crab version with an obvious herbal taste that made me feel psychologically healthier by finishing the soup!

Prawns were decently sized (more the tiger prawns type) and there were scallops as well! For S$10, i thought it was not such a bad deal after all. 

Claypot Seafood Laksa
As far as tau pok is concerned, i felt short-changed as the pieces were so much bigger in the poster! Other than that, i was immensely satisfied with the laksa at Don's Pie. 

The flavourful gravy was exceptionally rich, the ingredients were fresh and it sure didn't disappoint mom, who has always treated the famous laksa at Yishun Central as the best! 

Like the claypot prawn bee hoon, i could not help but clean up the claypot! 


20 Cross Street, #01-34/35/36, 
China Square Central (along China Street)

Red Star. In between Chinatown and Raffles Place MRT stations

Claypot Prawn Bee Hoon - S$10
Claypot Seafood Laksa - S$10

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  1. i like their crabs too!

    1. Sorry for e late response! Haha. i like their crabs more than i like their pies! But of course, i am not a pie person. =P


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