Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baked Sweet Potato - Delicious Comfort Food @ Genting Highlands [Near Flying Coaster]

Today's cool weather would be most suitable for the post of the day; Baked Sweet Potato! However, this super epic root was bought at an outdoor kiosk in Malaysia's misty playground; Genting Highlands.

Weather plays an important role when it comes to food; you would less likely have ice cream and more likely to dig into a bowl of hot Campbell soup when wearing a sweater is a must to warm your body.

Now coming back to the sweet potatoes - there were many stalls selling sweet potatoes but Kon-Tan's recommendation is to buy from a kiosk located outside the entrance of "Flying Coaster"; a theme park ride.

Frankly, it wasn't hard to spot the rainbow kiosk and it was the only one within Genting Highlands that offered nothing for sale except for sweet potatoes. That reflects their confidence and specialty on the product.

According to the cartons stacked beside the weird baking appliance, the sweet potatoes were a product of Indonesia. Cost, as you can see, was indicated as RM 2.50 per 100 grams which is about S$1. 

RM 2.50 per 100 grams might appear cheap but i paid RM 20.10 for this huge baby! Mostly, such a big size would translate into a not-too-tasty sweet potato and i was a tad hesitant that this would turn out well.  

First bite - Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, piping hot yet juicy and super duper delicious! The sweetness was something one might scream about and i did wonder for a moment if additional sugar was added in the baking process. 

Nevertheless, look at that beautiful caramelisation on the sweet potato after removing the inedible potato skin! Darn, i am so craving for it now!!

Alex enjoying the flesh! Imported half a piece for my younger sister who is picky with sweet potatoes and even she has to admit she would not mind visiting Genting Highlands to grab a few of these baked sweet potatoes! 

Maybe it is time to plan for a family visit.
Yes, travel six hours solely for the sweet potatoes.


Follow the directions from First World Hotel to entrance of "Flying Coaster" and you would see kiosk after going down the staircase, For easy reference, you may refer to the above picture! :)


  1. Jing Yan10:30 PM

    I went to Genting last year during November but sadly,the theme park was demolished and I couldn't locate the sweet potato stall.I remembered eating the sweet potato the last time I went to Genting which was around 2009 and I extremely love it and looked forward to eating it again but ... :( I can only say that the weather of Genting wasn't as cold as the last time,there were alot of trees cut down there...

    1. Really?? I have not been there for around a year! For the sweet potatoes, you can get it in other places like City Square Mall in Johor Bahru but eating it isn't as shiok as genting where the weather is much cooler.


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