Wednesday, January 23, 2013

+5 Degrees (5°C) - A Mind Blowing Visual Voyage @ Cloud Forest [Gardens by the Bay]

+5 degrees was essentially just a huge room with a screen and limited metal seating.

In case you are thinking along the line of a television documentary with environmentalists spewing jargons that normal persons like us have difficulties in understanding, think again.

With a screen that amazingly stretches to the floor where many visitors were sitting cross legged, this show is literally to-your face; a visual time journey showcasing the predicted detrimental effects of global warming to Earth.

Things we are sorely aware but choose to ignore.

The voyage began from Year 2010 when our planet was still comparatively healthy, albeit with continual deforestation and consumption of fossil fuels. 

As the number started jumping, viewers like me were drawn to the display as we were curious to see what will happen to the planet at the simulated increase of 5 degrees Celcius to the global temperature.

I shall let the pictures, which are absolutely not the same as watching the show yourself, do the talking.

+0.3°C - more frequent volcano eruptions; scientists have already predicted a few "big" ones in the coming years.


+0.8°C - everyone, including the kids, was quietly absorbing the information.

+1.8°C - coral bleaching which is already happening in many coral reefs, including the Great Barrier Reef.

+2.9°C - the extinction of some species in the wild

+3.1°C - the melting of glaciers; increasingly sea level and jeopardizing the existence of low-lying countries like Maldives and even Singapore.

+4.2°C - wilting flower that could not stand the heat.

+4.5°C - it is close reaching Year 2100; given my love for oily food, i believe i would have been dead by then. However, we should still consider our family and friends who might still be alive, and kicking.

Finally, +5°C. 

At the end of the show, it was clearly visible from the look on most people's faces that many of them were deep in thought; likely wondering if the future is as bleak as shown. 


Within Cloud Forest [Gardens by the Bay]

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