Monday, June 13, 2011

Katong Rojak @ 49 Katong Laksa

I have heard of katong laksa (seriously, who hasn't?) but i am not aware that there's even a katong rojak!

Since we had 30 minutes to spare before the car park coupon expired and dearest mummy would like to try this katong-style "Chinese Salad", we ignored the earnest recommendation for the famous katong laksa and ordered a rojak instead.

Dished on a disappointingly small plate, this had the outlook of a normal rojak with rough peanut bits, usual ingredients and a dark sauce that could only be described as sufficient.

From the above, it's obvious we were not expecting much.

Expectedly, there was a sweet-sour taste to this rojak which made it quite palatable.

What caught us by surprise were actually the fresh ingredients used; chilled cucumbers, juicy pineapples, crunchy turnips, fat bean sprouts and cullers that were crispy externally yet moist and soft internally!

This is not the best rojak i had but it is one of the most memorable.


49 East Coast Road
(Corner Shop Between East Coast Road and Ceylon Road)

S$3 was ordered.

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