Monday, June 27, 2011

Jovyn - A New Addition to The Family!

A week ago, while relaxing in the Indonesian island of Batam, i received a phone message tagged with a picture from my elder sister - the bloody arrival of my first niece!

Baby Jovyn.

Mom is overjoyed since she has always loved babies and had worked as a nanny for some years. Frankly, she was so dedicated that she spent more than what she earned, on the kids!

Jovyn is an adorable little thing, isn't she? Unlike most babies, she didn't have that wrinkly look that makes it difficult to separate one baby from the other.

Seeing the two plump cheeks, mum and i cannot resist the cruel temptation of leaving them untouched! C'mon, who can forget crayon shinchan and his balloon size cheeks!

Obviously, we were trying to check if this little gal is as promising as that lecherous kid from Japan.

She didn't see the funny side of things though and started bawling after that. Well, we were not too worried about this failed attempt; there is ample time for us to analyse and maybe realise her potential.


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