Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wu Xiang (五香) @ Hup Kee Wu Xiang Guan Chang (合记五香贯肠), Maxwell Hawker Centre

Remember the feast i had a few weeks back in Maxwell Food Centre?

For a memory refresh, please click here! Back then, i concentrated on Tian Tian Chicken Rice as i was too tired (and sleepy) to comment on other dishes. I am still lethargic (as i have always been) but i guess it's better to blog this now instead of waiting for a few months down the road!

Let's focus on this plate of mish-mash this time. A rojak-like dish Singaporeans know as wu xiang (五香), it's a mixture of deep-fried ingredients health fanatics greatly abhor.

Apparently, there are two famous stalls selling wu xiang in Maxwell and it's my first time trying the one from Hup Kee. Strong endorsements by newspapers, makansutra and the green book should be assuring for a person who usually doesn't deviate from his usual favourite stalls.

Besides a waiting crowd that took a long time to clear, Mr Kon was faced with a pathetic offering that had been severely depleted due to a large order before him! It turned out to be blessing in disguise as the Gang of Four ordered too much (a common occurrence).

It's been a long since i had such a pleasant dipping sauce that had a slight tinge of aroma! Nowadays, many wu xiang stalls have removed this sauce possibly because it's pretty troublesome to make it. That's pretty sad because as a child twenty over years ago, the sweet sauce was an appetite enhancer that worked well for picky me.

Yes, Cavin used to be picky with his food!
What has happened to me over the years?!?!?

Though i am more 'accepting' of a wider range of food, this thing known as guan chang (贯肠) is never on the list. It's essentially some meat stuffed into the intestine of a pig! Euuuwww, i am Chinese but internal organs are way above me.

This was surprisingly tasty! It has some resemblance to guan chang but the 'wrapper' was the more acceptable beancurd skin. The five spices infused into the meat resulted in a stronger flavour that can only be described as uniquely appetising.


Stall #01-97,
Maxwell Food Centre

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