Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fruit Ninja @ iPhone

This was transferred to my iPhone when Alex transferred his purchase to my computer. Lucky me i know! Haha. I have been trying to get him to buy some of the more expensive games but the only victory so far is Plants versus Zombies.

I didn't enjoy myself when i played the Classic and Zen modes. To a certain extent, it can get monotonous after a few minutes. An impatient person will hate to play these two modes regardless of the peaceful calmness Zen is supposed to bring.

That's when the fast paced arcade mode comes into picture. I tried this out of boredom after ignoring fruit ninja for half a year! For those 6 months, i was wondering what it is about this game that Alex paid for.

When i said fast-paced, i meant a 60 seconds gameplay!

To slice the fruits (ranging from one as small as strawberry to one as big as watermelon) that fly all over the screen, put one finger to the touchscreen and control the knife! It's a game therapy that will help to relieve any stress you are facing!

Get as many combos (defined as at least a consecutive 3-fruits slice) as you can to gain bonus points. Ignore the irritating bombs (okay, this sounds a bit stressful) and fully utilise the special fruits like iced banana (slows the screen), blue striped banana (double the points) and red striped banana (a frenzy that pumps up a lot of fruits on the screen)!

My personal favourite is the red striped bananas as i can get as many as 11 fruits in one slice! And if you are lucky, you might get all three special fruits at roughly the same time! To put it more explicitly, the slower screen play will enable me to get the maximum fruits in one slice while doubling the bonus points that increase tremendously due to the more than many-fruits-in-one-slice combos!

And always remember the blitz! Consecutive combos will get you the blitz that can add as many as 30 points!

Once the game concluded with confetti celebrating your victory, additional presents are given based on how well you play the game! I always strive for combo god!

As with any game, a challenge is always present. And in the case of fruit ninja arcade mode, it's how high your points can go! My record is now 820!

Can you beat that?!
I am striving for 1,000 points!

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