Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Car on a Pick Up Lorry!

Imagine my shock when i stopped behind a pick up lorry (or truck as some people insist) at a traffic junction - it was ferrying a bloody Mitsubishi Colt Plus! 

My interest was piqued (rare sight in Singapore okay) and i was wondering if there has been any infringement on road safety! Hey, turning or u-turning is damn dangerous due to the higher center of gravity.  

After overtaking the slow moving pick up, i was relieved to find that it was carrying merely half a car. Phew..... at least the risk of any accident happening is reduced significantly.

Reminded of a credit card advertisement on tv a few years back, there's a possibility that the halved car is to be converted to a bed or some novelty item in a luxurious garden at Sentosa Cove! Realistically speaking though, it could be a replacement for a damaged colt plus.

The story has not ended yet!

The bulging sides were found to be almost on the verge of bursting!!! What kind of company uses normal hooks to secure a car?! Shouldn't the material be the heavy duty, industrial standard kind?

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