Thursday, November 04, 2010

Street Food (街边小吃) @ Bangkok, Thailand

If I can choose only one thing i like about Bangkok, it’s the amazing popularity of their street food.

Hygienic or not, Thais love street food and you can find a lot of street hawkers lining the pedestrian pathways selling economically priced yet delicious meals, snacks and drinks.

With a weak stomach (affirmed by the number of times I had diarrhea in Malaysia whenever I had street food there), I am usually apprehensive when it comes to food sold by the roadside.

However, I have never (*touch wood*) had a single bout of stomachache in my annual visit (from 2007-2010) to Bangkok, despite having street food a few times a day!!

Here’s a few I had in my most recent Bangkok trip.

Banana Fritters
At only 20 baht (less than a Singapore dollar) a bag, these were badly needed to fill our growling stomach at the floating market!

Crunchily thin crust with a natural sweetness, these deep fried banana slices bought at the floating market were extremely delicious!

The unique factor over Singapore’s version was definitely the use of sesame seeds in frying the bananas that made eating them unstoppable!

Pork Kebab
The 30 baht paid for a long stick of pork kebab purchased right outside White Orchid Hotel in Chinatown was so worth it!

Its juiciness was unbeatable although I wish the marination was a bit stronger. Nonetheless, the hot and sweet Thai chilli sauce given was sufficient to punch up the taste factor!

Coconut Ice Cream
Unlike the coconut ice cream at its point value back home (in Singapore), the ones I had had the original coconut husk as the bowl, peanuts topping and jelly like coconut meat for its base!
Mind you, a small cup of refreshing coconut drink was given at no additional cost!

At 25 baht each, it’s no surprise that the stall was doing a roaring business in Chatuchak Market!

Fried Chicken Wings and Drumlets
This was in fact one of the first street food I had in Bangkok with Mr Kon and Ms Tan!

We were so hungry after getting off the airport shuttle; I can never forget that first taste when my teeth sank into the tiny piece of chicken wing!

I can never get enough of this!!! 20 baht got me two small wings and two drumlets!

Orange Juice
This is a must-drink for any hot weather!

Squeezed, bottled and kept cold in a tank of cold water or a layer of ice, this almost natural drink (usually 20 baht for a small bottle) with added salt proved to be the ultimate thirst quencher whenever the weather got too unbearable!

More hawkers seem to have switch to pomegranate juice. Back in 2007, i saw mainly orange juice sellers. Must be health related issues.

What I have here is just a small portion on what Bangkok has to offer! There are loads more like the BBQ skewers, corn cobs, fried wantons, roasted chestnuts etc etc!

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