Monday, November 22, 2010

Rubee's Ailment

Rubee's Ailment

Rubee is reaching an elderly dog age of 14 years old and with this comes symptoms that are part of the inevitable aging process.

His bloated stomach was attributed to the intake of food and countless snacks i am guilty of dispensing. His hearing has deteriorated to the extent of being deaf in recent months and his walking has slowed considerably.

All the above are signs of aging right?! There's however one slight problem that raised the red flag that a vet is needed.

As you can see from the picture, Rubee has three lumps at the same area and another one is developing right underneath the anus! It used to be only one lump and the problem was skillfully rectified (by me) by poking a needle and squeezing out the bloody mass. 

My initial plan was to bring him to his usual vet clinic along Upper Serangoon Road and ask for a surgical removal for these lumps, thinking they were no more than common lumps.  

But Dr Theo, the resident ang-moh vet, informed me he suspected that Rubee has Cushing Disease! He came to that conclusion after asking me a few questions. The key answer is that Rubee always seems to be hungry!!!

So what's Cushing Disease?

According to here, "Cushing's disease usually strikes older dogs with a bucket-full of symptoms that can mimic other diseases. Increased appetite, increased drinking and urination, panting, high blood pressure, bulging abdomen, skin lumps and discoloring, hair loss, muscle weakness, and nervous system disorders can occur with the disease"

In addition, "The danger signs of vomiting, diarrhea, pain, seizures, and bleeding do not occur; the pets do not appear to be critically ill. To the contrary, the symptoms often appear to be connected to normal aging. Muscle weakness also causes a reduced tolerance for exercise and lethargy, both of which are typical in aging dogs and cause no alarm in owners"

Only blood tests can confirm Dr Theo's suspicion and i personally took leave today so that Rubee can follow up on the necessary procedure!

He was excited to be out of the house although he had no inkling he will be caged!!! Hahaha. Rubee hates to be alone in a small area and he did what is usual for him; incessant barking!

I can imagine what a big relief it was for the vets and their assistants when i unlatched the cage. Rubee was happy to be out of course.
Anyway, there's nothing i can do except to wait for the result.... after paying S$290 for the blood tests! Haiz..... there are only more expenses to come after tomorrow.

So long Rubee has a quality life. 
I can always earn back the money.



  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Yes. Bonus coming soon :)

  2. performance bonus only.... and no guarantee. :(


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