Monday, November 29, 2010

Roast Duck Noodles (烧鸭面) @ Guan Chee Hong Roast Duck

Roast Duck Noodles
@ Guan Chee Hong Roast Duck

Kovan's hawker centre and market was unfortunately closed for cleaning and my thundering stomach had to make do with a coffee shop located next block, which had a pretty heavy traffic flow.

When Cavin is unsure on what to order, he will usually check out the queue of each stall and what other customers have ordered based on the dishes on their table.

The roast duck stall was the popular choice that day and not waiting to have the typical duck rice, i opted for roast duck noodles instead.

First impression is very important! The shimmering roasted skin was a good sign and they did not disappoint with a deep charred flavour i prefer without being too burnt and too dry. 

The dry looking noodles were an eyesore.... at first till i gave it a good mix! They were peculiarly springy and the secret sauce gave it that unbeatable flavour that will get me eating for a long period of time!

Too little noodles!!!


Block 106, Hougang Ave 1
#01-1239 (Fu Fa F&B)
Cannot remember but definitely between the range of S$3.00 and S$3.50 per plate.

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