Saturday, November 06, 2010

Headache with furnishing

with furnishing

Looking at the state of my bedroom, i know it's high time i should do something about it before i move back permanently.

For those who don't understand, my bedroom was used purely as a chinchilla room (when the family used to have 8) and with the demise of XiaoLun (our last chinchilla), i have decided to move my butt back and enjoy the feeling of sleeping on my own bed again.

Ikea offers a damn wide variety and i love the fact that everything is so customer-oriented (there's even a software for you to plan your furnishing using the dimensions of your room)!

As usual, many people have advised me that Ikea furniture is not long lasting and it might be more worth it to try other furnishing companies.

But i really like the day bed and its multiple functions! And also the wardrobe that will allow me to do many customised modifications....

Sighz.......... Maybe i should buy only the day bed and get someone to custom made a built-in wardrobe instead.

But again, built-in wardrobe very expensive leh!!!


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