Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unbelievable Cake Designs

Countless cakes were consumed since i started working in NUS three years ago! But in no way have i seen one as stunning and as realistic as the ones below!

Fat and Juicy Corns for the vegetarians!!

A crate of steamed crabs! I prefer the bigger sized Sri Lankan crabs though.

Barbequed Set for BBQ lovers!

Tomato Sandwich with Coco Cola and Chips!!

Bigger than the quarter pounder!! Looks like plasticine or something that comes out from a playdoh advertisement!

Wrap! The wrapping looks realistic but the ingredients.....

I love this!

This looks like a sumptuous breakfast!

A perfectly glazed turkey!!! I would like to pull out the fat drumstick!!

Would you bear to eat them!?
I will if i don't have to pay a single cent!

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