Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Genting Highlands (Malaysia) - Top of the Clouds

Being Singaporeans, it's a BIG embarrassment if you don't even know the existence of this place in Malaysia.

Used-to-be-the-only legalised gambling zone in Southeast Asia, Singaporean Chinese love to throng this place on weekends and public holidays!

Two reasons:
1) It's the nearest place (then) to place bets on gambling tables without breaking any law.
2) A weather that hovers on average 18-22 degrees celcius.

Never ever will i consider gambling as a pull factor for going to Genting.

Besides having buildings that should be condemned to the 1970s, the casino service seriously needs an entire revamp!

I ever had an unhappy experience with a grouchy-faced croupier that spoiled my day early in the morning!

And the Hong Kong (H.K) couple i knew from Cameron Highlands told me the service was so bad in Genting, they don't understand why it is so popular with Singaporeans.

Macau, being the Las Vegas of Asia, has so many casinos with elaborate, extravagant designs and excellent customer service, it is of no major surprise that Genting is not comparable in their eyes.

That horrible service is not limited to just the casinos.

Operators' service for some of the theme park rides (Viking etc) can be equally appalling! Fortunately, we finally have Universal Studios in Singapore.

Same owner hor.

 Another downside of Genting concerns the basic needs of human; food. It's not downright digusting but with the price paid, i will have a much more delicious and worth-it meal in Singapore. I do have my favorites in Genting; the Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Tea Leaves Eggs!!

This entry was drafted middle of last year and my impression of their food has changed positively (click here and here) since then! 

With the exception of the factors stated above, i still enjoy going "up" to Genting for the simple feeling of being overseas and the constant sucking of fresh, cold air at 1,800 meters.

Another activity i love to do in the highlands is to catch a movie or two or maybe three, depending on many blockbusters i haven't watch. Not only is the ticket cheaper than Singapore, it offers warm, crunchy caramel popcorn that only cost roughly RM3.50.

Other attractions worth noting are the the Chin Swee Caves temple (which i blogged long time ago) and Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum, showcasing collections of oddities by this guy called Ripley. Informative and interactive, my folks enjoyed this place when I brought them there.

For thrill seekers, you can try the Haunted Adventure and the Sky Venture.

Another thing i like is the cable car ride! At RM 10 per pax for two-ways, you will be rewarded with a bird's eyes view of the hills and valleys.

If you are unlucky, there's always the possibility of touching the slow moving clouds and wondering hysterically if a plane will zoom by, causing the cables to snap.

Morbid, i know.
But life is unpredictable.

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