Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scramble on iPhone - Words with Friends

Realistically, i did have a scrabble board long time ago.
Practically, i never understand how to play it.

Forming words are easy.
Counting the points and remembering the rules were kind of difficult!!

That's when technology steps in!

Gone were the days when we have to waste our precious time waiting for the other player(s) to complete their words and at the end of the game, painfully adding up the points with a crappy calculator!

Words with Friends is an online scrabble game for iPhone users with wifi accessibility and/or datapack.

Create a userid, create a game, add your friend(s) and you are ready to go!! 

Since the biggest advantage is on portability (i use it whenever i need to bomb), a game is limited to only two players!

Don't have many friends who have iPhone or basically detest this kind of games?

You can always add a random opponent from iPhone users all over the world!! 

Or you can always challenge me! 
My username is cavinteo!

Don't be shy okay?
*toothy grin*

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