Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Softies (Jelly Beans)

I don't like gummies and jelly beans.
To put it bluntly, i hate them!!

Why would anyone like love desire to eat those usually sourish, soft things that stick to your teeth at every possible opportunity?!?!?!?!

Hence, when Hannah offered me a tub of jelly beans that has possibly the most colorings i have ever seen, i was hesitant. 

As the latest addition to the department (or NUS in general), i risked being termed as unfriendly, proud, picky, arrogant... you get my picture. 

My mind was telling me to swallow the beans without biting, and pray to god that someone in the office knows Heimlich Maneuver.

My action said otherwise though. 

I gave a gentle bite to one pinkish bean.
Immediately, the sweet fragrance of strawberry smoothie enveloped my mouth! Nice nice nice!! 

A total of 36 flavours, each with its distinctive splash of color, i cannot wait to see how good the others will be.

Most of them were fabulous!! To name a few, my personal favourites include Butterscotch, Granny Smith Apple, Vanilla and Marshmallow!

Since that fortunate day, i continue to hate gummies but for jelly beans, i only go for NOBODY BUT The Jelly Bean Factory.


Available at the Candy Empire with outlets in Vivocity, Millenia Walk, TripleOne Somerset and Changi Airport.

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