Monday, April 12, 2010

Name Painting @ Genting Highlands

It was just a leisurely walk amidst the touristy stalls in Genting Highlands when we chanced upon this unique calligraphy.

Thinking it will be freaky expensive for tourists like me, we were just about to walk away when the corner of my eye caught the word "Offer".

Cavin loves offer(s)!

But Cavin is not gullible either. So he persuaded Alex to make one first, using reasons like "so unique, it's so cheap, bloody worth it, so nice etc etc"!

It didn't take me long.
Bloody stall owner should give me some commission!! 

The painter can draw your name in any language so you can feel free to use your Icelandic or Swahili name! An incorporation of animals or scenary in this drawing is necessary for good luck (*ahem, gambling *)!

At RM15.00 with no frame, the painter will first let you choose the border you desire and start using the tiny brush and his small bottles of paint to draw out your name.

At times while painting, he will relate to you the symbolic purpose for each animal/scenary.

Alex was impressed no doubt. And i took this chance to coax him to share the costs for having my parents' names drawn!!

Success was again guaranteed!

Guess what's my father's name.
Hint: An actor has the same name.

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