Monday, April 19, 2010

Mini Squadron for iPhone

Since my upgrade from ipod touch to iphone 3Gs, i have immensed myself with the massive amount of applications that can be downloaded anywhere, anytime with my data pack.

One of the applications (recommended by techno-adopter, the Great Kon) is this game called Mini-Squadron.

Coupled with catchy music and a cute, colorful interface, it was extremely addictive! Quite a few days were wasted in completing the levels and unlocking most of the planes (i am left with just the last one)!

As you can see from the above, this game took place in Europe with 8 areas.

The beginner plane has only one cannon.

With the advancement of the levels, you will unlock planes that have double cannon, triple cannon, homing missle, cluster bomb, drop bomb or laser (which is personally my favourite)!! 

Besides the weaponry, each plane differs on its speed, size, turning rate, armour and reload time.

From the picture, you can see two translucent knots (red box); the one on the left is the directional key and the right one is for you to shoot those bastards down!!

Enjoy killing those cute flying sheep and octopus, just to name a few.


Free for the lite version.
US$2.99 for the full version~!

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