Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuckahoe Pie (茯苓夹饼)

Don't ask me what's tuckahoe!

My first thought; it must be a snack for the farmers in  ancient China! Unexpectedly, this pie is in fact a palace snack popularised by the great empress dowager of the Qing Dynasty, Cixi!

Kaoz, such noble beginnings!

When i looked within the box to steal a bite, i was surprised to find a few round and thin wafers. The white area looked like paper and felt like recyled toilet paper!

These 'wafers' had dark coloration in the middle that looked suspiciously like the stuff i paste on the areas of my aging, aching body. On a disgusting note, don't you think it resembles a pile of shit excretion poo flattened by two pieces of paper?

My brain was struggling then; should i try or not?

Well, since my colleague had kindly brought it back from Beijing, i mustn't disappoint him right? To a MUCH lesser extent, never try never know. And........ i was hungry then.

On one hand, the white paper-like crust (the tuckahoe is used for this portion) was almost tasteless leaving a slight chalky aftertaste.  

On the other hand, the dark coloration area (sandwiched in between the wafers) was very savoury, a strong contrast to the crust. I guess this sweet, strong taste could be due to the haw jam used.  

A google of this product revealed that tuckahoe is a herb and one benefit of this herb is as a stimulant for one's appetite. This pie is also said to be highly nutritious and has a pleasant taste.

My only comment?
It's an acquired taste.


  1. Haha ... I wont dare to eat if I were u... "poo flattened by two pieces of paper?" hahah I like the way u described it.


  2. hahahaha. can lah~ never try never know. so long i know it's confirmed not shit!! :P

  3. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Fu Ling is a kind of herb that is used in Gui Ling Gao lah


  4. hahahah. sorry, my chinese is a bit rusty leh~~ This kinda words abit too cheem for me. :P


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