Friday, December 04, 2009

(Review) Paranormal Activity

I am a sucker for horror movies although it does not necessarily mean i am a brave boy man. Thinking about the scary scenes late at night can still make me shudder in fear and break out in cold sweat!


That's the feeling that excites me every time i watched films that border on the paranormal genre! Bet a lot of you will know what i mean (i hope).

My favourite horror movie? 
The ones from Thailand like Phobia (1 and 2) and The Ring from Japan. 

Therefore, when i heard that the latest horror movie was so damn realistic that even a close relative of mine was having difficulties sleeping at night, i knew it should be worth watching; with a freaking high expectation of course. 

My conclusion? 
A cheaply made production that should be more bearable or even entertaining if the camera had been more stable.

Wait, that will then defeat the main selling point of this movie; that of a found footage that showed the various discoveries of paranormal activities in a house. 

BUT i was so affected by the constant swinging from frame to frame, i found myself getting more giddy than scared. Throughout the later half of the movie, i was busy trying to control my gastric juice from splashing onto my lap! Imagine that! 

There's only one comforting point about this movie; 
it's better than Blair Witch Project

Rating: 2.00/5.00

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