Monday, October 19, 2009

Detestable Ticks (on Dogs)!

The most detestable living thing in the whole world! It has created much irritation to our fur friends and disgust to us, the owners, the caretakers!!

My dear rubee had another bout of ticks infestation and i realised it the first night i arrived back from China. To illustrate how serious it was this time, i can find, at times, up to 3 ticks biting the same spot!!!

Immediately, another spot-on application for rubee (his last pipette was half a month ago)! I personally also believe that garlic can help to prevent ticks from the dog's body; not garlic powder or capsule, it must be raw diced garlic mixed to his normal cup of Science Diet Senior Small Bites dry food and a spoonful of canned food (any good brand).

Even with the above, it will take days, weeks or even months before the ticks are fully erdicated! Now i shall reveal the true elements for de-ticking a dog! Controverisal, debatable but this was accumulated from my 9 years experience of having Rubee, whom ticks, unfortunately, found quite attractive to.

1) Locate the tick(s) and pluck it out!!

2) Place it on a piece of tissue paper/newspaper

3) Cover the tick with an edge from the tissue paper/newspaper

4) Press the bulging spot where the tick is with your fingernails; press hard! It is recommendable to hear a soft 'plop' sound.

5) Uncover the tick and ensure firstly, it is no longer moving and secondly, blood has spurted out.

6) If you find the above revolting, you may buy a bottle of Spirits (also known as alcohol) from Guardian, pour some into an unused bowl and use a tweezer to yank out the tick. After which, dump the tick into the bowl. No squeezing needed! It will have a violent, tormenting death!

7) In addition to the point 1 to 6, please also use spot-on and garlic concurrently.

Happy Rubee after the De-ticking Session!

Meantime, i shall brace myself to find ticks crawling on the floor, on my furniture (bed, mattress etc) and the walls. Euuuuuuwwwww.........


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    we used to put the ticks in hot scaling water :p

    ~michelle sam

  2. your family is so CRUEL!!! I am gonna try bleach next time. Hm... Let's see if they will turn white. Wahahahahaha.

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    my father uses kerosene - ak

  4. Oh! Dunno if that works. But messy leh!! So oily right?


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