Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Beloved Foie Gras - Is it as cruel as rumoured?

Do not proceed further unless you are willing to be repulsed badly

Most of you, who personally know me, should know that I will not eat any liver except for Foie Gras (fatty goose liver). I confidently declared to everyone I know that unlike normal chicken or pig livers, which have a sandy disgusting taste, foie gras is of a different class.

Beside costing much more expensive than the aforementioned, foie gras just had a unique savoriness. It tastes like an highly intense buttery combination of suckling pig, roasted chicken and pork lard. Twirl the liver with your tongue and wait for your million taste buds to gently absorb the extravagant, palatable taste.

Enough of extolling how good and delicious foie gras is! It’s a well known (though appalling) fact that foie gras is made by force feeding the geese with grains, enabling its liver to expand beyond its normal size.

However, today I am going to bring you to the harsh realities behind the scenes of making it! It was so astonishing, so shocking I swear im going to wean myself from ever eating foie gras again!

The following pictures were taken from an email sent by my sister. So kind of her to help me in totally eliminating the craving for this dish. Thanks Joyce (do note the sarcasm).

The geese are forced to eat. Yes, F-O-R-C-E-D! Even if they are freaking full to the throat.

The metal pipe will help to FORCE the food down the throat straight to the stomach! Try using a similar pipe and shove it down your throat!

To save space and increase revenue per square feet, the geese are squeezed in a tiny space with limited maneuvering.

Another picture emphasizing the "living quarters"

Due to space constraints, little exercise and constant standing, their legs are bloated. Reminded me of my deceased grandmother when she was really ill.

Force again and again and again to eat and eat and eat. Do i envy them? No. 

They are forced to eat until they die. Can you imagine? Look at this picture. It was helpless. It's destiny is to die for the satisfaction of human cravings.

Wat about those who survive? Are they lucky? Well, they end up with bloody ass! If i have a bloody ass, i believe it will be a constant torture.

This is the beautiful piece of foie gras (white) beside a normal size goose liver.

I know any meat item we eat involves a certain level of cruelty in processing them but I just cannot forget the picture of the dead goose with its mouth filled with food. I would love to turn vegetarian but I dun have the will nor the determination to do it. I cannot stand surviving without any meat!~!! My motto in life: Live to Eat Okay!

And please do not send me any "behind the scenes" in making pork lard.


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  1. I have seen these pics last time but forgotten about it until you reminded me again...make me feel like turning vegetarian too but I dont think I can do it either...


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