Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jack Russells Hate Rubee

I dunno why but i realises that jack russels hate my dear old rubee!! And its limited to the males and only to this particular breed!! I can only think of a few reasons as to why;
  1. Rubee is too friendly!
  2. Rubee is gay!! Apparently the other males are straight
  3. Rubee has a genetically repelling scent that only triggers the males JRT (Jack Russell Terrors, opps terriers)
  4. Rubee obviously has too much charm and the Jack Russells genetically, just cannot tahan him!
  5. Rubee looks like a female and the male Jack Russells are obviously pissed when they realise that!
I cannot pinpoint the "TRUE" reason becoz my rubee has always been friendly, non agressive and particularly patient dog.


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