Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Books Books Books

I have always loved books. 

I haven't been reading extensively but recently my fascination with books is rekindled by Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown). Since then, i have expanded my field of books from ghost stories, dogs' nutritions, culture, history to well.. literature? Or novels? I don't know. I am not good in classification and don't know the difference between retro and techno~ lol.

Anyway, i am sharing a good book borrowed from my friend, weeeeeyuan. It's a book called Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer. When i first saw the book cover, i dunno whether the title is Kane & Abel or Jeffrey Archer. I dun have a big dictionary of authors and normally don't dwell too deep. Worse, i don't remember too much content of those books i read.

From the time i opened the book, the contents will be hungrily sucked into my mind, the contents will make an impact for the few days and in the end, they will flow out of my brains. *shrugs* Tats why i have decided to blog nowadays!! So i can at least remember some parts of it.

Anyway, Kane and Abel is fabulous and i heard that there is a second book that follows the storyline!! I am so desperate to get my hands on that book. But i am still so stressed over my projects… Sianz…

Anyway, this book is on two guys from two extremely diverse places; borned on the same day and same year. One from Poland, a baby abandoned in the wilderness and suprisingly, with one nipple. Yes, a nipple!! My heart will feel for him if he lives in Singapore where all guys have a chance or two to bare their half naked body to the public! Anyway, the other guy is borned with a silver spoon, in the luxury of a home that belongs to the chairman of a bank.

The book narrated the life of the two guys, from their birth, their difficulties and how they come to detest each other. Surprisingly, this book adopts very clearly stepped and concised narration as it switched from one guy and to another. There is no confusion and i really respect the author for this! I read another book called "The Historian" which is very confusing with the character switching rapidly with no apparent relation.

The end of the book was really quite unexpected (as most books are) but it really shows how wrong we can be even though we have researched it very well.

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