Monday, February 03, 2014

Arnold's Chicken in Yishun! @ Yishun Ten Complex [Beside Northpoint]

I like deep fried chicken and frequently mentioned to my friends that KFC is seriously overrated in this contemporary time we live in when there are just too many worthy competitors like Popeye and Texas.

My favourite, in case you are unaware, is still Arnold's Chicken. However, it only has a few branches in Singapore, none of which was near to my home or workplace. 

Until recently! 

There is now a new outlet in Yishun 10 that opened its business just a few weeks ago! Knowing that the queue would be crazy, i opted to visit during the supposedly lull period at close to 5pm.

The queue was as long as i expected; at least not on the same, torturing scale we often encountered at its original branch at City Plaza.

However, what we didn't expect was that this queue was only for us to make our orders. A number would be then be given for us to WAIT for payment at another counter; hence the significantly larger group loitering outside the eatery.

It was another delay of ten to fifteen minutes before we made payment (upon seeing our queue number on the LED display) and a table was assigned to us. Business must be roaring as the waiting game continued for an additional twenty minutes before our two persons combo meal was finally served!

Soup of the day was mushroom soup - despite its bland and watered down appearance, it had a thick texture and tasted pretty flavourful. For that pricing though, i would have anticipated more slices of button mushrooms. 

Arnolds fried chicken has two major selling points; one, its assurance that the farms chickens are delivered fresh everyday to the outlets. Two, the superbly thin and crispy chicken fat that was a big plus point for me.

I should have been satisfied. 
But, i am not. 

There seemed to be a significant thicker layer of fats with a soggier feel to it that kind of put me off. Was there something inherently wrong with the recipe or it has something to do with the outlet being too new (as my mom said, the fryer might not be "seasoned" enough)? 

Guess i have to visit City Plaza soon... :( 
After CNY, for sure. 


51, Yishun Central 1, 
#01-04, Yishun 10

2 Persons Combo Meal - S$23.70
Soup of the Day - S$3.20
[Nett as GST is already included]

As above

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