Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Waroeng Kota @ BCS Mall in Batam [Indonesia] #WaroengKota #BCSMall

Contrary to popular belief among my friends, i am actually not that picky when it comes to food and my only criterion is that it must taste good, especially now that i am older and making it worth the calorie intake is of paramount importance! 

Hence, with over 15 different ways of presenting Indonesia's national noodle (i.e. the Indomie), i thought it would be safe for me to enjoy a truly authentic Indomie at Waroeng Kota when i was in Batam over the long weekend. 

My original intention was merely to enjoy a cup of coffee but with so many types of Indomie staring at me; i got overly excited and ordered two desserts in addition to the plate of double serving indomie goreng original! 

Pisang Bakar Keju Coklat - grilled banana with cheese and chocolate sauce; this isn't a stranger to me as i recalled having a memorable one in Bandung's The Stone Cafe. Sadly, this hardly made the cut with an unripe banana that had a burnt aftertaste. 

Es Teller - the Indonesian version of Ice Kacang, this could have been so much better if the ice was crushed more finely. The main flavour came from the condensed milk and my family's verdict is unanimous; disappointing. 

Indomie Goreng Original - at just 21,000 rupiah (about S$2) for a double serving, i wouldn't expect more for luxury ingredients like prawns although i did expect a bit more garnishing to make it visually more appealing than what the version coming from my kitchen.

With three levels of spiciness, i opted for the first level and even then, the spiciness was bit too much for me. Taste wise, it's similar to what i could do at home with a pack of Indomie noodles that cost only S$1.70 for five pieces! 


Batu Selicin, Lubuk Baja, BCS Mall
Batam City, Riau Islands, Indonesia

As above.

Pisang Bakar Keju Coklat - 17,000 rupiah
Es Teller - 21,000 rupiah
Indomie Goreng Original - 21,000 rupiah
(Subject to 10% Service Tax)

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