Friday, June 16, 2017

Ming Fa Fuzhou Fishball Soup @ Yishun Northpoint Kopitiam [Singapore]

The problem I faced when I moved out from my parents' place a year ago centered on food as I no longer had the convenience of having my mom cooked a warm, nice meal for me whenever I get home. 

Of course, I could always whip up a meal myself but I am too tired by the time I reached Yishun and more often than not, I have the tendency to just buy a packet of chicken rice from the nearby coffee shop; fattening no doubt and the situation continued unabated until I found this fishball noodle stall at Kopitiam foodcourt at Northpoint! 

Now, noodle is carbohydrate and it has a friendly relationship with fats; so, my aim is never on the noodle. The fuzhou fishball soup was the one that caught my attention. 

I have been buying the fuzhou fishball soup from the stall for quite a while and it's only today I realized there was a bowl of deep fried pork lard that's free for you to take! There's no way I would skip the opportunity even though this would negate my objective of having less fatty food; I simply couldn't resist pork greaves! 

Soup was the clear type that's similar to most fish ball soup yet there's a light sweetness to it that kept me sipping until the very last drop! Pork lard was a disappointment as they had gone soft! :( So much for anticipation. 

The main stars were the fuzhou fishballs and they featured their signature burst of hot and deliciously sweet meat juice as I sank my teeth in. Texture of the fishball was on the more solid side which might not appeal to some people although I personally would prefer some "bite" for fishballs. 


930 Yishun Avenue 2, #B2-10, 
Kopitiam Food Court Stall 18,
Northpoint Shopping Centre, 
Singapore 769098

As above.

Fuzhou Fishball Soup - S$5.00
(10% Discount for Kopitiam Card Holders)

Additional Information
Promotion if you purchase the abalone or abalone clam minced pork noodles! I do enjoy a bowl of piping hot noodle even though it's generally less preferred for dinner. 

p.s. photos were taken using iPhone 7 Plus

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