Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Maternal Grandmother's Death Anniversary [Lunar Calendar: 10 May]

I am not good with dates and had even forgotten my mom's birthday a few years ago! Add in the lunar calendar and i am totally lost; hence, i decided to blog about an important date so that i can refer to it easier in the future.

It's the death anniversary of my maternal grandmother where my uncle would usually hold a memorial session at his house where the ancestral tablet is.  

As we are of Chinese descent, the lunar calendar is used more often than the Gregorian one and i absolutely couldn't keep track of the various events except for maybe Lunar New Year as it's heavily publicised in the mass media. 

See the amount of offerings (comprising of food and paper money) for my grandmother who passed away 10 years ago. The common practice is to prepare food that the deceased loved to have when they were alive. For me, i guess i can make do with satay, fried chicken, cheng tng, suckling pig etc.

This plate of orange chiffon cake and kueh lapis was prepared by me! Okay, to be correct, the kueh lapis was baked together with Joyce's mother-in-law who had kindly shared her profit-making recipe with me! 

My late maternal grandmother wasn't a tea drinker; therefore, in exchange of tea, my uncle had to provide her favourite beverage - a can of Guinness Stout! 

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